oscillation ou interstice 2013
für Stimme und Bassblockflöte in F
Text: Irène Gayraud
commissioned by UMS 'n JIP

modul 1.1 2011
für Stimme, Blockföten und Mehrkanal-Zuspielband
Text: Eduard Mörike

7 letzte Mahlzeiten 2014/16

Aufzeichnung 11 des königlich bayrischen Henkers Bartholomäus Ratzenhammer, op. 28
für Tenor, Blockflöten, Zuspielband, Bluetooth- Keyboard,
2 Blockflötenfüsse, Super-8-Projektor, Live-Video, Licht und Klamotten
commissioned by UMS 'n JIP

Common Brain 2013 (op. 86)
for male voice, sopranino and subbass recorders in F,
spring drum, two EEG Epoc Emotiv and live electronics,
text by Pessoa
commissioned by UMS 'n JIP







Brain, Avignon Festival 2016, Theatre des Vents






Brain is a multimedia concert program.
The program highlights how far music, video and science can go
together and where they overlap. Starting from classical and experimental
playing techniques (Codera Puzo, oscillation ou interstice, Siemens
Förderpreis 2014) the program continues with an electronic playback
of acoustical sounds (JIP, modul 1.1).The third piece (Steinauer, 7
letzte Mahlzeiten) is a complex combination of various mediav and
tells a detailed concrete story using video, live-electronics and
acoustic illlusions. The final piece (Hadjileontiadis, Common Brain)
arose from the European research project, FP7 i-Treasures) It has
two foci: a visualization of the development of the brain and, second,
visual and acoustical outpouts of a realtime analysis of EEG waves,
each controlled by special detectors and softwares.
All the pieces are commisioned works.
UMS 'n JIP worked personally with the composers and have
presented the works in numerous concerts around the world.








UMS 'n JIP with the composers


with L. Hadjileontiadis, ICMC Athens 2014

with L. Hadjileontiadis, ICT Vilnius, 11/2014

with L. Hadjileontiadis, Thessaloniki, 2/2013

with Mathias Steinauer, Pantographe Moutier 1/2014

1 & 3/2013, with Luis Codera Puzo, ESB, Elektronisches Studio Basel